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  • 52-page and 12-page home and décor magazines

  • Customize the inside front and back cover pages to promote you and your business

  • Mailed to your exclusive mailing list six times a year, postage included

"Let us help you grow your business with our Personalized, Custom Magazines and direct-mail products. I so believe that you will profit from our innovative branding strategy that I guarantee you 100% of your money back if you do not receive a listing, a referral, or a close as a direct result of the magazine."



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*The Home By Design money-back guarantee is subject to the following: 1. Client must have a minimum of 100 subscribers and receive magazines for the full 2-year (12 issues) subscription period. 2. Client must provide a tracking system that can be verified through his or her office broker to show proof of non-performance by the Home By Design magazine. 3. If a client requests and receives a refund payment because of the non-performance, his or her Home By Design account will be closed, and he or she may not subscribe to Home By Design magazine for marketing services for a minimum of 12 months. 4. Home By Design magazine reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.